Pain Relief Body Patch

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Relieve aches and pains, naturally.

Introducing the latest technology in wearable bio-frequency patches.

  • Reduces inflammation. Reduces joint and muscle pain.
  • Water resistant
  • Discreet and easy to wear.
  • Non-invasive. Fast Acting.
  • Natural treatment. No prescription needed.
  • No Drugs. No Ingredients. No Known Side Effects.
  • Made in the USA.

Introducing the latest technology in wearable bio-frequency patches.

The BioActivate Pain Relief wearable body patch helps to relieve aches and pains. Using vibrational technology, each patch contains pre-programmed charged frequencies to correct and realign the bodies natural healing frequency to reduce pain. BioActivate Pain Relief patch is applied directly to the skin and stimulates the bodies nervous system to engage the self-healing process – reducing pain and inflammation. Without any pain medications your muscle aches and inflammation will subside quickly and you will feel a difference within a few hours.

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Before or after exercise, apply 2-3 small patches or 1 large parch to clean skin near the area of pain. Re-evaluate your pain level every 15 minutes. If pain persists, apply additional patches in area of pain. After 48 hours, remove and discard. Apply new patches as needed. Do not apply to open wounds or damaged skin. Each BioActivate Pain Relief package contains 30 patches.

Note: some aches may require the large patch or a few small patches to help you reduce the pain.

BioActivate's Pain Relief fast-acting body patches are a safe and natural way to relieve whole body or local pain on contact. Using vibrational bio-frequency technology, the signal in the patches work to repair weakened frequencies in the body, which cause pain and inflammation.

"I wear BioActivate's Pain Relief patch on my shoulder and I apply it before I go golfing. Now when I'm on the golf course, I'm able to swing my clubs without aches and pains."

"After applying the BioActivate Pain Relief patch to my wrist where I was suffering from muscle and joint pain, I almost immediately experienced reduced pain level within moments after applying."

"I've been wearing BioActivate's Pain Relief patches for recovery after working out, particularly on legs day. I apply the patch to my thigh to help relieve muscle pain."

"I was skeptical at first because the technology is so new. When I read more, I was surprised to learn that there are no ingredients, no side effects and that the vibrational charge inside the patch comes from a very thin crystalline structure that acts as a mini-capacitor capable of storing and transferring a bio-frequency charge activated by the body's own electrical energy."

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