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The Patch

What's in the patch?

BioActivate patches use Energy Medicine Technology, a new approach based on quantum physics, to deliver the power of more than 200 remedies known to reduce the most common causes of pain and inflammation. Once applied to the skin, the patches are activated and energy is released. They are drug free, odor free, and are safe and effective for all ages. Our patches are non-transdermal. PATCHES CONTAIN NO ACTIVE INGREDIENTS. THEY ARE CHARGED WITH ELECTRONS CAPTURED FROM A PROPRIETARY FORMULA.

How does it work?

Electrons are imprinted into the patch and work naturally with your body’s own electric field to activate the innate natural healing energies that relieve pain and restore balance. For the geeks and scientists among us: Each patch contains 5.2 x 10^19 molecular structures, each with 2 oxygen polar bonding areas capable of holding a targeted, host electron, creating a total possible charging capacity equal to 10.4 x 10^19 host electrons. After considering the average transmission field voltage of humans (200 micro volts) we can calculate the relative capacity, per square inch of patch, at 333 Pico Farads.

How many patches come in a package?

Each package contains 32 patches.

How long does it take to feel the pain relief patch?

Each person has a unique energy system with different levels of discomfort. One person may experience pain relief within minutes while others may need additional time or additional patches.

Can I cut the patch?

Do not cut the patch. If you cut the patch, the charge will be lost and the patch will no longer be effective.

Can I wear more than one patch at a time?

Short answer is yes. The different patches can be placed on the body and will work together without disrupting one another. For the Pain Relief patch, you can place multiple patches in the same area for a stronger effect if the pain or inflammation is not subsiding with just one. As for the Immune boost, we recommend you place the patch on your left arm or shoulder for best results. The Sleep patch can be placed on the arm or foot for best results. The Clarity patch can be placed on any part of your body free from hair for best results.

Where do I place the pain relief patch?

For best results, locate your specific areas of pain. Apply to the nearest flat area of skin on or near the area of pain.

Shipping & Returns

Do you accept refund requests?

Yes. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your product please contact us at info@bioactivate.com and we will help you process your refund.

What do you charge for shipping?

Standard shipping is free for all US customers! Standard rates apply for international customers and expedited shipping.

How soon will you ship my order?

When you order before 5:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time, your order will normally ship the next business day. Orders placed after 5:00 pm EST, or on Saturday and Sunday, will normally ship within two business days.


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