The Science Behind BioActivate Body Patches

No Drugs | No Ingredients | No Known Side Effects

Scientific research has discovered the vibrational frequency of a healthy body, individual organs, tissues and cells and how to balance the body’s natural frequency. The body and each of its parts emit electromagnetic waves as a reflection of biochemical processes that take place in the body. For a healthy body or organ these are called physiological frequencies. The body’s natural energy fields are altered when cells, tissues, and organs become diseased or damaged. Each bacterium, each virus, and organic substance has its own specific resonant frequency. The oldest kind of biological resonance is the sunlight. If light, an electro-magnetic oscillation of a defined frequency, touches our skin, it triggers regulations, such as pigmentation or the formation of vitamin D.

When the body is sick or not functioning properly the physiological frequencies (bio-frequencies) are out of balance and the body produces pathological frequencies that cause symptoms to affect your body in a negative way. BioActivate technology emits to the body a frequency that returns and restores cells, organs and tissues to their optimum values. BioActivate patches contain a very thin crystalline structure that acts as a mini-capacitor capable of storing and transferring a bio-frequency charge and is free of active ingredients. This charge is activated by the body’s own electrical energy and is designed to stimulate and support the body. Our body patches work with the natural electromagnetic field of the body. When our patch is applied to the skin the patch is activated and emits bio-frequencies that address the interruptions in the electromagnetic field in your body, organs and cells. Each of the different patches address the individual problems of sleep, immune, pain and focus with the most appropriate frequency spectrum. Your body will resonate with the frequencies of our patches and successfully perform the function the patch is intended for.