Overworked? 5 Drug-Free Ways to Relax

  • by Stephen Touhey
Overworked? 5 Drug-Free Ways to Relax

Finding time in the day to relax and reduce stress is becoming more difficult for many. After the 2021 Great Resignation, companies delegated more to the staff who remained, and staff has become overworked, increasing the burnout rate.  The symptoms we are experiencing are insomnia, anxiety, and bad eating habits, just to name a few.  New York Times research suggests our brains are telling us to slow down.

Incorporating relaxation techniques and supplements into your life can do wonders for your stress. Filling your life with small rituals can change the way you see the world and bring balance to your day. Give these 5 drug-free ways to relax a try and bring holistic wellness to your life.


1. Get Active

Exercise is an incredible way to relieve stress. The Mayo Clinic says that stress depletes major vitamins like A, B complex, C, and E. Getting as little as 30 minutes of exercise twice a week can boost endorphins, serotonin, and so much more. Plus, making time for yourself is an act of self-care. Showing up for yourself even when you’re tired or feel too busy can bring balance to your life in ways that overworking never will.

2. Positive Self-Talk

Many of us find ourselves lost in our thoughts. You think you’re at the top of the hill, and before you know it, you’re tunneling into the abyss. The more negative thoughts you have, the higher your stress increases. The American Heart Association suggests turning your negative thoughts into positive ones immediately. If you catch yourself in the act, it will become easier to shift. Instead of saying “can’t”, say “I’ll try my best”. Instead of seeing failure as a negative, see it as a learning curve.

3. Physical Touch

Human touch or snuggling with a pet has a calming effect on us all. With something as simple as a hug, you can release oxytocin and lower your cortisol. These reactions help lower your blood pressure and heart rate. Healthline reported that studies have shown pet owners have greater life satisfaction, higher self-esteem, and lower levels of anxiety.

4. Reject Hustle Culture

The Harvard Business Review was 100% correct in saying Einstein wasn’t trying to “crush it” or “kill it” at work. It’s healthy to have goals in mind when looking toward the future. But working yourself to the bone won’t improve the outcome or provide innovative ideas. At a certain point of overworking ourselves, our brains go foggy. We lose our train of thought. Focus is lost. It’s best to take a step back, engage with your loved ones, and pick up where you ended tomorrow.

5. Bio-Frequency Patches

Einstein said it best, “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” Realign your body’s energy to a healthier state by using BioActivate’s bio-frequency patches to help with insomnia, mindfulness, and more. Enable optimal cellular functions to feel your very best. Sometimes you may have a busy schedule that doesn’t let you squeeze in a stress-relieving activity. Simply stick on one of our holistic patches and see how incredible you feel without any side effects!


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