The Next Big Thing in Mental Clarity

  • by Stephen Touhey
The Next Big Thing in Mental Clarity

You may think that there isn't anything left to say about ways to improve mental clarity, but you would be wrong.

No matter the cause of your brain fog, everyone’s heard you should eat healthy, get a moderate amount of exercise, and sleep 7-8 hours a day to increase mental clarity. These are the things that pop up at the top of your first internet search, but what else is out there that can help?

Over the past few years healthy daily habits like meditation and yoga have gained popularity as a way to reduce stress and gain clarity. Of course there’s ancient treatments like homeopathy and acupuncture with widespread availability now too. None of these are new.

Luckily science never stops moving forward, so there have been some exciting advancements coming in hot and they don’t require pharmaceuticals or lifestyle changes either. Before diving into the details on the next big thing in mental clarity, here’s some insight into why you might benefit from them.

Struggling with mental clarity impacts you more than you think

Sure, you fumbled a little at your meeting or forgot a few things at the grocery store, but how else are you suffering from your brain fog? Mental clarity affects every aspect of our lives.

You might be worrying about remembering important things like setting an alarm before bed or picking your child up from soccer practice. Maybe you forget your anniversary, lose your train of thought mid-sentence, or just plain can’t think straight.

If steps aren’t taken to improve mental clarity, eventually stress builds as important parts of your life suffer. Brain fog and stress can cause problems in relationships, at work, and on a personal level. It might become harder to set and work towards goals, take care of yourself or your family, and stay on top of responsibilities.

So what’s the next big thing in mental clarity?

Scientists are currently studying everything from neurofeedback therapy to virtual reality treatments, but right now there’s a futuristic little patch available that combats brain fog and stress.

While it might seem like magic, it’s most definitely not. Advances in quantum physics have allowed the scientists over at BioActivate to create a small wearable patch that helps bring you the mental clarity you need to power through your day with confidence.

The patches use bio-frequency technology to use your body’s own natural energy to bring itself back into a harmonious balance. While an entire lesson on quantum physics in a blog post isn’t possible, here’s a quick summary of how it works.

If you look at anything under a very expensive, very fancy microscope you’ll see that everything is energy. That’s right - your couch, your car, the sky, the grass, your dog, and even you - are made of energy. In physics there’s a law that states that energy can never be created or destroyed, but it can be changed.

These patches have a crystalline grid structure that delivers a charge to your energy field, but don’t worry you won’t feel a thing. These charges are on a nano scale and it’s what manipulates your energy into balance, bringing you that much needed relief and focus.

Mental clarity patches aren’t the only product that BioActivate offers either. These amazing little patches are also available to help with boosting your immune system, soothing you into a deep sleep at night, and pain relief too.


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