Conscious Living

  • by Stephen Touhey
Conscious Living

We wake up, put on the coffee, rush the kids off to school, pay the bills, do the laundry…and then rinse, wash, repeat. It often feels like most of our days are on autopilot, with preset choices, beginning and ending in the same manner, day in and day out. 

We ask ourselves: “Why do I not feel more joy or happiness?”

This is so common that most of us have cultivated a quiet cynicism and resigned to accepting this as a condition of life. 

Why can’t we put more of what we want into our daily lives? How can we romanticize daily living and create more special moments? 

This is the art of conscious or mindful living. 

At BioActivate, we advocate for harmony and conscious living (our Clarity Patches enhance bio-frequency for focus and eliminate stress). Conscious living introduces harmony and intention into your life and is the opposite of living on autopilot, amid frustration. While there are an array of practices and mind frames, here are few tips to get started.



  1. Be Mindful of the Media You Consume: Social media, podcasts, TV, and radio all permeate your view of the world. Start making small changes in what you are consuming toward a more ideal scene. If you are trying to become physically healthy, find a suitable health podcast. Instead of mindlessly scrolling on Instagram, find a YouTube Channel that supports a project you want to get started on!
  2. Journal Daily: Get in the practice of reflecting about your day. By asking yourself questions such as: “How Did I Do Today? “What went well?” “What kept me from doing better?” Consistently asking these questions helps one cultivate living with purpose and setting a path that is happy and healthy. Taking notice on your mindsets and actions and making even small adjustments can make huge impacts on your life. 
  3. Say “No” More Often: While this may be interpreted literally, it’s more of a state of mind. In the West, we have been taught to take on more in order to achieve more and we often find ourselves consumed by meaningless activities and patterns. In the book The One Thing, the key takeaway was to keep your days simple and focus on the big targets. Everything else is not as important. Say “no” to anything that will distract us from the more meaningful targets. This will create simplicity and allow you walk a path of purpose and clarity.
  4. Learn To Let Go:  This doesn’t mean to wildly abandon life and its responsibilities, but perhaps loosen your grip. “Momento mori” (“Remember death”) is a phrase that Marcus Aurelius and the Stoics would mediate on. While that sounds grim, they took it as a reminder that life is more precious than to worry about things that are ultimately trivial. Getting stressed about late fees, an unexpected car repair, or a disagreeable boss simply detracts and drains attention and energy.  Remind yourself to let go of the discontents of life and put things in their correct perspective. We have the power to make these conscious choices and enhance daily existence.
  5. Consume Whole Foods/Healthy Supplements. Partake in Healthy Activities: With consideration of the points above, learn to be aware of your mind, body, and spirit and make simple changes in food and exercise. If it’s a challenge, take it slow and make small changes over time. Shifting to a positive mindset to whatever degree is a change and can be increased. When our mind, body and spirit become healthy, we have more control and awareness. One very simple, healthy, noninvasive solution is our Clarity Patches. Affordable, easy to apply, and with no side effects, our bio-frequency patch helps reduce stress, anxiety and help focus and concentration. Naturally! 


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