The Rise of Burnout And What To Do About It

  • by Stephen Touhey
The Rise of Burnout And What To Do About It

Does this sound familiar?

You’re slow to get out of bed, feeling unmotivated at work and missing deadlines, not doing your healthy routines, unfocused, getting irritable with colleagues and the kids. These are not uncommon symptoms of a growing condition of work burnout or chronic work stress.

Out of 1500 surveyed in 2021, more than half claimed that they were feeling “burned out” as a result of their job demands. That is an astounding number!The pandemic has helped spike this number tremendously. During the lockdowns parents had to juggle work, parenting, schooling, and the liabilities of having work culture from a zoom camera.

As a result, over 4 million employees resigned in December of 2021, in what was officially called the Great Resignation. Employers are now understaffed, leaving their remaining work force even under more duress.

Unmitigated, this insidious condition not only wreaks havoc on your emotional and spiritual health, but also physical health. Stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol perpetually firing can cause inflammation and disrupt sleep, which exasperates into more dissonance and malfunction, making for an unpeaceful mind, body, and spirit.

Here are some Holistic solutions to bring you more harmony into your life:

Keep work at work. Try to keep your work separate and from creeping into your personal life.For instance, keep your work email off your personal devices or laptops at home. Another helpful tactic is to try and create a work schedule that gives you enough time to prioritize personal activities or goals. This will give you a sense of balance and control.

Good Food & Good Rest.The tried and true are often the best remedies. Taking work home with you in order to “catch up” or “get ahead” can always be taken too far, disrupting the time needed to wind down for good rest. Drinking after work and eating fast or unhealthy foods as a method to alleviate stress will only lead to poor sleep, weight gain, & inflammation. Good nutrition, supplemented with vitamins, and good sleep complement each other and go a long way to enhancing health and relieving stress.

Getting Outside:Simply taking walks into a nearby park, breathing fresh air, and getting some sun does a mind, body and spirit good. Better yet, finding a sport or activity that you can do with others can help elevate your mood and expand your social network. These healthy activities help dopamine and serotonin levels which counter cortisol and other burnout hormones.

BioActivate Patches: Along with the above you can supplement with our cutting-edge Bio-Frequency Patches. Using the natural electronic frequency your body emits, these patches coax turbulent areas of the body back into harmony.Virtually any of our four patches can help with chronic stress or burnout, however our Clarity & Sleep Patches are perfectly designed to help with burnout! See our testimonials here!


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