Homeopathic Pain Management Solutions

  • by Albina Kuanova
Homeopathic Pain Management Solutions

This is the time when people start turning to answers for the ailments from holistic medicine sources. From causes like injuries and illness to stress and poor posture, pain is something everyone has to suffer through at one point or another. As the demand for ancient and holistic remedies is on the rise, more and more people are looking to homeopathic pain management solutions to find that sweet pain relief.

Luckily there are homeopathic remedies for pain management, both new and old, for people to turn to. Newer innovations include biofrequency patches and biofeedback therapy, while ancient remedies like acupuncture and herbs have already withstood the test of time.

Some external homeopathic remedies carry little to no risk, however some herbs could interact with medications you may be taking. It’s always suggested to work with a trained homeopath or naturopath to avoid any potential interactions when using herbs.

Here are some homeopathic pain management solutions for you to try before turning to potentially addictive or harmful pharmaceuticals.

Homeopathic Pain Management Herbs

Homeopathic medicine is all about treating the individual person. It’s not uncommon for a homeopath to prescribe several different therapies that are tailored exactly to you and your specific types of pain.

For example, pain from a soft tissue injury would receive a different treatment than pain from arthritis, arthritis, aches, or general inflammation. Here are a few herbs that can be used for pain management.

Arnica - This popular natural pain reliever is available for both topical use and internal use. Arnica can be used to reduce swelling, for muscle pain, for dental pain, or to reduce stiffness caused by arthritis or sitting for too long. It can also be taken before surgery to help prevent bruising and swelling.

Calendula - This flower reduces inflammation, promotes the healing of wounds, and works as a natural muscle relaxer. Since it promotes blood flow to injuries, it also helps relieve pain. This works to treat pain associated with minor injuries, post-surgery, and muscle pain.

St. John’s Wort - While also good for treating depression, St. John’s Wort is a great natural herb to aid in wound-healing and to treat shooting or jabbing nerve pain. This is a powerful treatment that can interact with common pharmaceuticals, so make sure to check with your doctor first.

BioActivate Pain Relief Patches

These little patches are one of the newest pain management treatments. Thanks to advances in quantum physics and nanotechnology, scientists have discovered how to melt your pain away using zero ingredients.

How can that be, you might ask? Well, it all comes down to physics. You might remember your grade-school teacher teaching you that all matter is energy - including you! Physics also tells us that energy can never be created nor destroyed, but that it can be transformed.

The team at BioActivate has discovered how to energetically charge these patches to interact with your body’s natural energy field, which results in pain relief after applying one to your skin. BioActivate also offers these magical little patches for deep sleep, immune boosting, and clarity.

Infrared Sauna

Have you ever noticed how you feel better getting out of the hot shower than before you got in? Turns out it’s not just in your head! Heat relieves pain.

When your body is heated blood flow increases and muscles become more elastic, resulting in your muscles relaxing. This type of treatment is best for muscle tightness or chronic pain and should not be applied to acute injuries.

While hot showers and heating pads are excellent ways to get some extra heat on your muscles, regular use of an infrared sauna has shown excellent results for pain management. According to studies, the best results come from 4-7 sauna sessions per week.

Luckily there are many at-home infrared saunas available across many price ranges, so this heat treatment has never been more accessible.


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