10 Things to Know about Mental Clarity

  • by Albina Kuanova
10 Things to Know about Mental Clarity

There are millions of people turning towards discovering what is mental clarity is and there are millions of sources presenting their opinion on how to achieve this. Mental clarity refers to when your mind feels clear, focused, and sharp. It’s that state of mind where you are fully present, feel peaceful, and you flow seamlessly through whatever’s in front of you.

Your mind is like a hard-working machine, managing trillions of connections every day. That machine can run optimally at maximum capacity or it can become sluggish from stress and other factors. Some people refer to this mental sluggishness as brain fog. It might include anxiety, being unable to focus, memory loss, or feeling like your head is in the clouds.

According to a study, a person who’s experiencing brain fog is suffering from inflammation and their brain isn’t functioning properly. There can be many causes, but some of the more common causes of brain fog include fluctuating hormones, stress, medical conditions, vitamin deficiency, medications and it all comes from toxic relationship. Be that marital relationship, co-workers at work or "friends", as well as just neighbors.   

So, let’s get to it. Here are 10 things to know about mental clarity.

1. Having mental clarity refers to being free of "toxic people" around you. 

Life is full of targets and achievements. You might have a hectic schedule, be going through a big life change, attaining a target that is big or small but important, fighting with illness, or many other things that could add to your brain fog. It can be difficult for the wandering mind to give itself some peace. But as soon as you learn how to detect "toxic people" and then learn how to get rid of them form your life, whatever you are struggling with will be easier to overcome!!!! Telling ya, this is as simple fact as, after night the Sun comes again!!!!!!

2. Immersing yourself in something you enjoy can give you mental clarity

Whether you’re into physical activities like sports or hiking or creative pursuits like making art, playing an instrument, or doing DIY projects, there’s some activity that will put you into a flow state.

When you’re in a flow state, you’re in a state of mental clarity. You’re present and you know what to do. To find your activity, try different hobbies and activities and pay attention to which one allows your mind to be still. And be mindful of "toxic people" around who will try to invalidate any of your achievements and anything you are doing. 

3. There are wearable patches that can give you mental clarity

Yes, you read that right. Scientists have discovered how to charge wearable patches with energy that can balance your body’s own energetic imbalances. Thanks to advances in quantum physics and nanotechnology, BioActivate is able to offer clarity patches that will help you feel sharp, focused, and calm. If we didn’t know better, we’d say it’s like magic. They also offer patches for deep sleep, pain relief, and boosting your immune system to boot.

4. Not prioritizing sleep can cause or make your brain fog worse

Mental clarity and sleep go hand in hand. Doctors recommend getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night in order to give the brain the deep sleep it needs to replenish and recover. Without sleep, achieving mental clarity is near impossible.

While it’s a reality that not everyone has the ability to sleep that long every night, the truth is that many of us can do better. Maybe we could stop scrolling or streaming a little earlier each night, forgo late night social activities, or work on having a better work-life balance.

5. Exercise is integral to a healthy brain

Not only will exercise help you sleep at night, it also releases feel-good brain chemicals that help with stress and induces the release of proteins that nourish the neurons in your brain. This can greatly improve mental clarity.

6. Eating a healthy diet can improve your mental clarity

Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds is important for brain health. Proper nutrition is one of the most important things you can do for your body across the board. When your brain gets the nutrients it needs to function optimally, it cuts down on cognitive troubles later in life as well.

7. Maintain a healthy gut to reduce brain fog

Not only does a healthy gut promote mental clarity, it also promotes overall mental well being. The majority of the body’s serotonin, aka the happy chemical, is produced in the gut.

Since both stress and mental clarity are linked to gut health, it’s definitely not something to be overlooked. You can achieve a healthy gut by taking probiotics, staying hydrated, and living a healthy lifestyle.

8. Omega 3 fatty acids help your brain’s structure and performance

Studies show that omega 3 fatty acids are an important part of brain health, specifically DHA and EPA. As mentioned previously, a foggy brain is an inflamed brain. Omega 3’s help fight inflammation and even help the body process toxins from air pollution.

While some foods like fish, nuts, and seeds contain these important nutrients, to gain the most benefit you’ll want to take an omega 3 supplement. These can be found in the form of fish oil or algae oil capsules.

9. Forest bathing has a direct and positive influence on health and well-being

Forest bathing, a term originally coined “shinrin-yoku,” hails from Japan, though the practice of nature therapy has been long-practiced. Studies show there are notable health benefits gained from spending time in nature.

To put it simply, the trees release chemicals similar to an essential oil. As you walk or sit in the forest you inhale the natural scents. These nature-made chemicals have a wonderful effect on your brain that can increase your immune function and provide improved feelings of well-being.

10. It’s important to take breaks when you work long hours

A common cause of stress or mental health conditions is over-working. Working too long wears the mind down, which can lead to irritability, confusion, memory trouble, and feeling spacey. It’s kind of like turning on a machine and running it for 12 hours straight when it was only built to run for 8. If you overwork your brain it can’t be at it’s best for you.


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