The Latest in Bio-frequency Science and Technology

  • by Stephen Touhey
The Latest in Bio-frequency Science and Technology

You may have heard it called chi, life force, spirit, or aura, but what does that mean in the science world? Scientists call this energy a person’s electromagnetic field and they’ve been studying bio-frequency and bioresonance therapy, invented by Franz Morell in 1977, ever since.

Naturally you might be wondering how bio-frequency healing works. Do you remember learning about basic physics in your high school science class? If so, you’ll recall learning that everything is made of energy, including you. Protons and neutrons and electrons - oh my!

While we can’t provide a whole quantum physics course in one blog post, in simple terms, scientists discovered how to interact with the misaligned energies of the body to bring us back into homeostasis. This means there’s a noninvasive way to deliver healing to the body by changing things on an energetic level.

With the latest advances in bio-frequency science and technology, more and more energy-healing products and services are hitting the market. Luckily that means more clinical studies to prove the therapeutic benefits of bio-frequency healing are popping up too.

What evidence is there that bio-frequency healing works?

While the therapy itself has been around for over 40 years, holistic therapies are only starting to get the official clinical studies they deserve. A 2014 study showed that 22.4% more people quit smoking with bioresonance therapy versus quitting smoking alone. They also found that 12.5% more of the therapy group were still non-smokers a year after the treatment compared to the control group.

This isn’t the only study showing marked improvements either. Other recent studies found it improved undiagnosed stomach pain, fibromyalgia, and overtraining syndrome in athletes. Positive results have also been shown in treating allergies and rheumatoid arthritis. While these are conditions that have been clinically studied, holistic practitioners have been using bio-frequency science and technology to treat many ailments and imbalances.

How to experience the latest bio-frequency healing yourself

The most convenient way to experience bio-frequency healing is by using a BioActivate patch. These seemingly magical little patches have absolutely no ingredients and are easy to use at home. The patches are charged to interact with your body’s own electromagnetic field to bring homeostasis, or balance, to the body. BioActivate offers patches for mental clarity, an immune boost, pain relief, and deep sleep.

Another way you can experience bioresonance diagnosis and healing is by going to a trained practitioner. Bioresonance machines are a type of expensive medical equipment, so this isn’t something you can experience at home.

During a session you either hold sensors or wear electrodes, which are connected to a machine that can read and interpret your energy imbalances. Since each organ resonates at a different frequency the machine is able to detect where there are imbalances and bring the body back to homeostasis.

While these are only two ways to experience this emerging technology, the latest in bio-frequency science and technology is constantly being discovered as we continue on this new frontier of vibrational and therapeutic medicine.


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