What is the Future of Nanotechnology?

  • by Stephen Touhey
What is the Future of Nanotechnology?

You may be surprised to learn that nanotechnology is already playing a role in your daily life.

In simple terms, nanotechnology refers to the science and engineering taking place at a nanometer scale. Wondering what a nanometer is? It’s 1/1,000,000,000th of a meter. We’re talking about matter on an atomic or molecular scale. Put it this way - you need a really advanced microscope to see things this small.

Nanotechnology is woven into our everyday lives. Scientists have learned to insert particles into common products like fabric and sunscreen to make them better. For example, when it comes to fabric, that might mean making it water-resistant or moisture-wicking.

Another type of nanotechnology is called vibrational medicine. Richard Gerber MD, author of the 1988 book Vibrational Medicine: New Choices For Healing Ourselves, describes vibrational medicine as using various forms and frequencies to diagnose and heal. This not only includes more traditional uses like x-rays, radiation, electrical nerve stimulation, and light therapy, but also includes holistic therapies like Ayurveda, reflexology, and acupuncture.

What’s the difference between traditional and holistic therapies?

More traditional medicine focuses on the physical body and psychology of the brain, but there’s more to a human than just those. We’re born with a life force energy that animates us. When we die, that life force leaves the physical body. Many holistic therapies involve that life force energy.

For thousands of years people have been doing energy healing such as reiki, homeopathy, and meditation, but western science has stayed focused on the physical. Luckily, now, studies are looking at this connection by studying the human energy field and how we can manipulate it for healing.

What’s going on with nanotechnology in vibrational medicine?

With advances in nanotechnology and quantum physics, scientists are learning how to tap into the body’s electromagnetic energy field to bring about healing in new ways.

There are many new products on the market for holistic healing, but BioActivate bio-frequency patches are especially advanced in the vibrational medicine world. These patches are charged with energy that interacts with your own body’s life force energy to bring homeostasis, or balance, to the body.

Whether you’re stressed and unfocused, struggling to sleep, in pain, or needing an immune system boost, there’s a patch that can help you. The patch has no ingredients at all. You just press the patch on your skin and let quantum physics go to work for you. They seem so futuristic, but they really work.

So, what’s the future of nanotechnology?

According to an article published in the journal Future Science OA, scientists have only just begun to study and understand the pathways and cellular interface. It discusses how scientists can learn from ancient therapies and use modern science to understand things about the body that have never been understood before.

The article aims to inspire more vibrational medicine research in order to quantify what changes happen during these therapies. Once quantifiable data is gathered, scientists can draw more conclusions, and then study them to learn more about the body. The door is wide open for groundbreaking medical and nanotechnology research.


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